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An ISO 9001 Certified School
Buds School View
Buds School View

Early Schooling matters most for children
Pre-School & Primary Schooling in 'Buds'

Pre-School its not just about the sand box anymore. Children are playful by nature first by themselves and eventually with others and we call it their work.

Attending a good pre-school and primary quality teaching impacts on children ‘s academic progress than their gender or family background.

The school works on 5 basic principles:

a) Learning by doing
b) Learning in an atmosphere of freedom.
c) Learning for life not only the books.
d) Looking into the needs and interest of the child.
e) Ample opportunities for self expression.

In Buds school we uses ‘Playway method’ to fulfill the idea ‘WHEN CHILDREN ARE LEARNING AND PLAYING WITH JOY’. Our endevour is to provide good education to Pre- School and Primary, to give children a significant boost in their social and intellectual development.

In Buds School we believe in taking care of the children with ‘ individual difference’ with special needs, those with mothers with low qualification, working mothers, wards of single parents for better and effective academic attainment.

Curriculum and activities are so well-planned which will help children to understand logical mathematics thinking, scientific reasoning and cognitive problem solving. Aids like block building, clay and paint and sand and water are given to the children to be used for achieving high learning goals.

Buds School systematically plans outdoor play, field trips and picnic which provides children a rich and a diverse experience.
Play Station in the school provides children time, space and material for all round development of the children.

Freshly cooked nutritive healthy meals are provided to our children so that children learn to eat and share with their peer group, eat independently and learn table manners too.

In the years to come Buds School promises to become the agency that first organizes social relationships, Class room becomes the place where children learn to socialize with their peer group without the presence of their parents.

Since the inception of the school in 2006 with passing of years from 16 students Buds family grew and now is still growing with nearly 300 students, 20 well trained staff members because time is not measured by the passing of years but by what one does and what one achieves and we consider ourselves achievers. The school campus is spread in 4.5 Kanals which has greens, garden, playground with playstations, skating rink, assembly area, Stage-area and a splash pool, which is eco-friendly and keeping in mind safety with round the clock security at gate.

Our Credentials
  • Infrastructure spread over 5 Kanals with sprawling lush green serene environment.
  • Fully air conditioned campus which is student friendly.
  • CCTV Surveillance.
  • Outdoor Play Station, Skating Ring and Splash Pool.
  • Educomp Smart Classes/ Multimedia. Technology enabled learning.
  • Healthy nutritious hot meals served.
  • Innovation class room practices.
  • 10:1 Child Education ratio.
  • 24/7 Parent School communication.
  • Door to door (pick up) transport facility accompanied by female staff.
  • Monthly field Trips.
  • Outdoor & Indoor Games facility like Football, Cricket, Badminton, Skating, Yoga.


  • Play Group - Nursery, Jr.Kg, Sr. Kg
  • Primary Section - Class I, II, III, IV & V.
  • Pre-Nursery - KG - Age Group - 2+ Years to 5+ years
  • Primary Section - Age - 5+, CCE pattern, Affiliated to J&K Education Deptt. as per CBSE guide lines.

Special Features

  • Globally acceptable best teaching practices such a Montessori approach. (Play way method) for Junior Classes on CBSE curriculum for Primary Classes which focuses on inquiry based learning, direct instructions and collaborative learning.
  • Our learner-centric delivery mechanisms are intended to equip students with critical thinking abilities, thereby ensuring better concept clarity and deeper assessment of difficulties. Blended Learning Design based curriculum well trained teachers. Activies designed to develop 21st Century skills/ Interactive white board enabled Class rooms.
  • Emphases on all round development
  • The only School on the country of its own kind.
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